Monday, February 17, 2014

CfP: Workshop on Methodical Development of Modeling Tools

How time flies... only recently I posted about a workshop (held at EDOC 2013), and today I can announce the 2014 version, held at EDOC 2014. It's the

2nd International 
Workshop on Methodical Development of Modeling Tools (ModTools14)
on the 17th IEEE International Enterprise Computing Conference EDOC 2014

This year, EDOC takes place in Ulm, Germany. You will find the call for paper and other information at the workshop's hompage: Submission deadline is April 1st 2014 (really, no kidding).

Update (10/4/2014): Submission Deadline extended: 2014-04-28 (final extension by the main conference)

Although I'm not working at the university anymore, I still think that a workshop like this is quite important because it tries to bridge the gap between pure scientific research and real world requirements. If you look at scientific conferences, many researchers present tools in order to evaulate there approach. From my own experience I know that often you will find dragons when you try to actually implement these tools. These dragons, once disturbed, may even threaten the whole theoretically nice approach. The workshop tries to give the brave knights---and since you are reading an Eclipse related blog, that's probably you!---fighting these dragons a place to exchange thoughts, methods, and ideas. And, last but not least, it gives you an opportunity to publish about that kind of work (the workshop proceedings are published together with the conference proceedings at IEEE).