Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Eclipse gef3d project is complete!

Three and a half months ago Chris Aniszczyk asked me if I would like to make GEF3D an Eclipse project. At that time I had released a first version of GEF3D under the EPL. I started GEF3D as part of my Ph.D. project (which still is an ongoing project), but I thought that others may be interested in that framework, so I released it. I didn't knew what I did when I agreed on moving GEF3D to Eclipse. Oh guys, this paperwork and this whole Eclipse process is overwhelming. Fortunately I have two great mentors, Chris Aniszczyk and Ed Merks, helping me through all this just like Virgil guided Dante through all the nine circles of Hell. Thank you, guys! After writing the proposal, creating the creation review slides, filling out several requests and other paperwork, I received a mail today with this subject: "The Eclipse gef3d project is complete!". That's cool! So, in the near future you will find GEF3D at It will need some time to find code there, because the code has to get clearance first. So long, you will find GEF3D at it's old location at Stay tuned!
PS: I thought I've read about Dante in Ed's Blog some time ago, I vaguely remember a slide on which he compared meta models (and meta meta models) with the circles of Hell, but I cannot find it anymore (I also remember his advice not to go there...). This was when Dante's trip to Hell came back into my mind. Actually I've never read the Divine Comedy. My girl friend once wrote a paper about Botticelli's Dante illustrations, and she made me love this special "comic strip" from the 15th century (and she explained me how to "read" it). I even had the luck to see the original drawings in Berlin once).