Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GEF3D committed into SVN

After getting the preliminary approval I've just committed the initial GEF3D contribution into the SVN (GEF3D is participating in the parallel IP process). You can now check out GEF3D from svn:// In order to test GEF3D, you'll need the following projects (please add org.eclipse to the name): draw3d, draw3d.geometry, gef3d, gef3d.ext, gef3d.gmf, and gef3d.examples.graph Optionally you can check out the test and documentation projects, however there are currently not much tests and documentation available (but you can use the ant script in doc in order to generate the JavaDoc). Draw3D, the 3D version of Draw2D, needs a renderer module in order to produce any output. Currently, only LWJGL is supported (or.eclipse.draw3d.lwjgl). The module only contains the Draw3D specific code, additionally you will need the LWJGL libraries. These are available via the LWJGL update site at An description can be found at The GEF3D example is running, but there is a known bug. We are working on that already... Actually there are more bugs known, we will add them to Bugzilla as soon as possible ;-) After checking out all these projects, the example editor can be activated by simply creating a file with appropriate extension: ".graphSample" for the 3D editor, ".graphSampleDia" for a 2.5D editor (i.e. 2D figures projected on 3D planes), and ".multiGraphSample" for a multi plane editor. Update: The current installation instruction can be found at