Friday, February 13, 2009

Unbelievable: Cooler than GEF3D ;-)

With GEF3D you can produce nice 3D diagrams. Of course, GEF3D is not the only framework which can produce 3D diagrams. An australien colleague, Paul McIntosh, uses X3D (the VRML successor) to create nice 3D UML diagrams, quite similar to the diagrams created with GEF3D. If you have thought, GEF3D's 3D diagrams are cool, well, then have a look at Paul's latest project. He combines his diagram with augmented reality: Watch the video at YouTube Just to get it right: This is not GEF3D, but Paul's X3D-UML! This is amazing, isn't it. Jin, Paul -- great work! (Uh... don't you want to port this to GEF3D? ;-) ) If you want to see more of Paul's work, visit his website: